Bill Nye the Science Guy brought a gun to a knife fight by trying to employ actual facts in a debate about climate change on CNN's Crossfire earlier this week.

Nye was there to discuss the White House's terrifying new National Climate Assessment, which found that climate change "has moved firmly into the present," and it's going to cost a lot of lives and a lot of money over the next century. He agrees with the findings of the report.

On the anti-science side of the table, Heritage Foundation economist Nick Loris attempted to make the case that devastating storms and drought conditions aren't that bad, because they may be getting worse at a slightly slower rate than they were before. But he's "not a denier!" (although he can surely see how someone might get that confused).

Watch Nye's forceful response (and host S.E. Cupp's confusing reaction), and remember that only two out of the more than 10,000 peer-reviewed climate articles last year rejected man-made global warming.

But sure, Bill Nye the Science Guy is a bully. Let's go with that.

[H/T Daily Dot]