Benedict Cumberbatch, a British actor famed for his Jar Jar Binks impersonation, had his chops supremely tested when MTV challenged him to do as many celebrity voices as he could in a single minute. It's called "The Imitation Game," which is, by sheer coincidence, also the title of Cabbagepatch's latest film.

This was a real challenge for Quidditchmatch, who wasn't allowed to fall back on his best-known voices, including Gollum and the aforementioned Jar Jar. Instead, he had to struggle through traps like Christopher Walken (everyone thinks they can do Walken, but they're almost always wrong) and Taylor Swift.

It was touch and go there for a minute (exactly one minute) but against all odds, he did it. Now the coveted Imitation Game trophy will have to be re-engraved in honor of his achievement: "Congratulations Frumious Bandersnatch, 2014 champion."

[h/t Metro]