The planned demolition of the home of Ariel Castro, the man who imprisoned three young women for nearly a decade, began this morning in Cleveland's west side. The demolition comes less than a week after Castro was sentenced to life in prison, with no chance for parole, plus 1,000 years.

Castro had signed the deed to the three-story home over to Cuyahoga County after he pled guilty. The house's destruction was part of the deal that prevented Castro from a possible death sentence. The 53-year-old cried while he signed the deed, talking of his "many happy memories" with his captives in this home. The police discovered $22,000 in the washing machine in the home's basement and this money will help to fund the razing.

The three women, along with one's six-year-old daughter by Castro, were freed on May 6 after neighbors heard them yelling. Castro pled guilty to 937 charges, including aggravated murder after causing one of the women to miscarry.

[image via AP]