In this corner, standing 6'7" tall and weighing 215 lbs., undefeated WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, who has won 31 consecutive decisions by knockout. His opponent: Charlie Zelenoff, a YouTube troll who boasts about his boxing skills and has allegedly been harassing Wilder and his family for three years.

You can already guess how this is going to go.

Wilder squared off against Zelenoff last week after the notorious YouTube loudmouth—known for claiming 28 professional knockouts, but actually having little to no pro boxing experience—challenged him to a fight. Zelenoff's ass was, unsurprisingly, gift-wrapped and handed to him.

Zelenoff's accounts of his fights tend to diverge from observable reality, and this is no exception. Talking to TMZ about his absolute drubbing at the hands of Wilder, he said, "I was caught off-guard. He just got lucky."

The fake boxer admitted to harassing the champ and his family, although he denied allegations that he's a racist.

"A lot of my friends are black," he said, "I just hate Wilder as a person. He's a phony. I'm the best."

Wait, I think you've got that exactly backward.

Zelenoff says he wants a rematch, but Wilder declined, having obviously proven his point.

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