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The clip above is from Glena, a documentary about a single mother in her mid-30's whose goal is to be a professional MMA fighter. The movie, which premiered on Showtime last night, explored what it means to follow one's dream while negotiating parental responsibility. Is Glena "Heartless" Avila selfish for undergoing the virtually nonstop training necessary to fight on a professional level, as it cuts into her time with her kids, or would sharing the benefits of such a career ultimately make it all worth it? How much of yourself do you give up for your kids, and is it really in their best interest to do so? Without firm answers, these are the questions that the movie probed.

"This is my last chance to do something and I'll never forgive myself if I don't at least try," said Avila.

The scene above is a great example of the strain undergoes for the sake of her potential career — she has to lose 1 lb., to get down to fighting weight. This is a typical struggle for athletes whose competitive qualification is based on their weight. However, at 36, Avila is not your typical athlete and this scene was suspenseful all the same. Also, she really looks like Chelsea Handler.