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This weekend, MTV ran a mini-marathon of three episodes of its best show (possibly ever), True Life. Though the episode title "I Want Respect for My Sect"4 seemed to hint at a portrait of militant Mormon fundamentalists, the actual show was even more off the wall (as if that seemed possible before it aired). Instead, it profiled a vampire (who says she was born that way), a furry (but not for "perverted" reasons), and Hannah, the Juggalo woman ("Juggalette") in the clip above, who struggled with the fact that her strict, Christian father did not approve with her upcoming Juggalo-themed wedding ceremony. He was fine with her getting married—he even accompanied Hannah and her Juggalo husband, Jeremy, to a ceremony at City Hall—he just didn't want to take part in the whole Juggalo thing. It wasn't, according to him, a traditional wedding.

Most everything in the clip above reads like an SNL skit, especially Hannah's one-liners:

"Being a Juggalo is such a huge part of my life that I'm turning my wedding into the dopest Juggalo party there ever was."

"All my life, my dad pushed me to excel in sports and music, but those things didn't make me happy. I found my path one day as I randomly listened to the music of Insane Clown Posse. I just loved how wild and crazy they are..."

"Juggalos paint up like the band and let loose like you've never seen."

"Last year, I met my Juggalo soulmate Jeremy online."


And yet, the show left little doubt that Hannah and Jeremy are in love and that the backyard ceremony, officiated by a person in a ninja costume, was a reflection of that love. Mazel.

Also, I am totally obsessed with the clip below, from the furry portion of this episode.

[There was a video here]

I feel the same way about this clip that the woman in it feels about her new lynx "Halloween costume." This is cool!