Footage of a massive fire on a $24 million yacht named "Polar Bear" was caught on a drone camera by a man named Kurt Roll, who immediately uploaded it to YouTube. It is beautiful, in a horrifying sort of way.

Roll added this description to the video:

I filmed this approx. 10-15 minutes after the fire started . I was filming a friends boat in south bay close by when we saw the smoke coming from The marine groups yard. This was fascinating to watch through my monitor, but having a boat myself,I couldn't help thinking of how horrible it would be to have your dream boat go up in flames. I'm sure the insurance will replace it, but wow , what a bummer and a hassle.

The owner of the yacht, Larry Jodsass, spoke to NBC San Diego about the fire:

"Am I angry? No. Anger is not the right word. It was my toy, my wonderful, beautiful piece of equipment. I think it's the most beautiful boat that ever has been built."

Jodsass said the yacht took him five years to build and had been in the water for three years. A witness told NBC that he and his crew were doing welding work on the yacht when it caught fire. The shipyard was evacuated as a precaution, and fire officials said two workers suffered minor smoke inhalation injuries.

The fire didn't spread to any other nearby vessels.

[h/t Uproxx]