Kendall Jenner’s mug was tagged by a gleeful and highly illegal drone in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Wired reports. The drone, rigged so that it could carry a can of red spraypaint, scribbled a few lines onto the young reality TV star’s face before being pulled down by its designer, artist KATSU.

KATSU spoke briefly with Wired about his new graffiti project, which is in its infant stages:

“Seventy percent of the concentration is in maintaining this equilibrium with the two dimensional surface while you are painting,” he explained. We have a ways to go until drones are capable of autonomously blasting tags while their artist masters relax at home.

But that is the plan, and KATSU’s stunt this week was proof of concept. He is also gearing up to release a new, more user-friendly version of the graffiti drone “very soon.”

KATSU premiered the drone-artist-hybrid last year for an art exhibit, and while the scribble it made on Jenner’s billboard isn’t much, it’s still too early in its development to judge what it could be capable of in the future. As KATSU told Wired: “It’s exciting to see its first potential use as a device for vandalism.”

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