Concerned that his 4-year-old son or dog might get bitten by the venomous copperhead snake living in a woodpile outside his Huntsville home, Sam Billiter grabbed his machete and headed out back to kill it.

But after whacking it with his large knife several times, Billiter quickly realized that his reptilian rival was no ordinary serpent.

Indeed, Billiter had inadvertently stumbled upon the legendary Cannibalistic Zombie Ouroboros.

"I wanted to take a video of its body moving without its head and within a couple of seconds it bit itself," Billiter told "That's some crazy stuff right there."

As crazy as stuff might be right there, Huntsville Animal Services has warned residents not to approach dangerous snakes on their own.

"The ideal thing would be to leave it alone," said director Karen Sheppard. "If you can't leave it alone: Don't handle it, don't touch it, go inside and call us."

Meh. Too sensible.

[H/T: Reddit]