“Prince Charles is to meet Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams today to promote ‘reconciliation and healing,’” according to an article published on the Washington Post website today. The article did its part to promote reconciliation and healing by noting that Charles “has always denied he’s a member of the IRA.” Come again?

Seems slightly farfetched that the heir to the British throne would have to explicitly deny being part of the Irish Republican Army, the paramilitary group whose historic goal has been the end of British rule in all of Ireland. But if the Washington Post says it, I guess it’s probably true.

Actually, the Post didn’t say it, they just republished it. The story with the strange accusation came from “an experimental partnership” with Bangshowbiz.com (motto: “If BANG isn’t running a story it isn’t worth knowing”), the Washingtonian reports.

The Post initially took the bizarre story down, replacing it with a message saying “this file was inadvertently published.” They republished it later with this addition:

Correction: An earlier version of this story transposed the names of Prince Charles and Gerry Adams. This version has been corrected.

The Post didn’t comment on whether this would affect its partnership with very trustworthy source Bangshowbiz.com, but the Washingtonian notes there are “dozens” of other Bangshowbiz articles up on the Post website.

[h/t Washingtonian, Photo: Getty Images]