Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland is shutting down through the Thanksgiving weekend because one of its students is currently missing and likely armed. While school officials say there has been no direct threat to Washington College or anyone there, students have been told not to return to campus until November 29.

The saga of the missing student, 19-year-old Jacob Marberger, is curious. According to CBS Baltimore, Marberger was last seen on Monday at a Walmart near his home in Pennsylvania after spending the weekend with his family. WBAL 11 notes that surveillance footage shows he bought a box of 12-gauge shotgun shells.

Marberger’s troubles began on October 9, when police say he was the victim of a prank at school—somebody propped a trashcan of water outside his door. A few days later, per WBAL 11, Marberger got drunk and “displayed an antique firearm, not in a threatening manner, but more as an act of bravado” at a party. After the incident, he was threatened with school suspension, kicked out of his fraternity, and eventually resigned his student government post. He went home to Pennsylvania this past weekend to his family home, where his parents say he left Sunday, probably with a gun.

According to WBAL 11, Marberger is now missing and wanted “on four charges that include possession of a dangerous weapon on school property, possession of a handgun, minor in possession of a firearm and illegal possession of ammunition.” His parents spoke at a vigil in Pennsylvania last night, asking him to come home.

Why Washington College decided to close school for such an extended amount of time is still unclear. In a statement announcing the decision, college president Sheila Bair said the move was “based on our continuing consultations with law enforcement.”

According to CBS Baltimore, Marberger has not been seen and his phone has not “sent any pings or signals” since Monday.

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