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On Saturday, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was filmed, sauced, at a street festival in the city’s Greektown neighborhood. While Ford later admitted to quaffing a few beers, there's a moment in the clip where he seems to mention some other substance. Possibly a mind-altering substance. Or perhaps eau de toilette. But which?

After watching the clip uploaded on Saturday by Toronto resident Adrain Sosa, reader evvabeing noticed this passage:

At 17 seconds it sounds like somebody says "Gimme some blow" and the Mayor says "You want some blow, I'll give ya some blow, I have it seriously."

Another Toronto source wrote in to say it sounded as if Ford (who was talking fast and slurring his words) had said, “I’ll give you some bone, I’ll give you some bone.” According to academic literature on slang, bone can indeed refer to a quantity of crack cocaine, in some cases a $50 rock. It can also mean a single rolled joint of marijuana.

However, Ford would appear to be saying, I have some bone—an undefined quantity.

The Toronto Star, meanwhile, studied the clip and concluded that Ford was saying “I’ll give you some cologne”:

[W]hen the Star enhanced the audio, it became clearer what Ford is actually saying. Well, not entirely clear, but — after repeating “I’m not driving,” as if to reassure there’s no risk of another DUI on this evening — the mayor mutters something about “stink.” I can’t definitely make out if Ford is referring to himself or the photo-seeker standing close. He says: “Give me some cologne. You want some cologne? I’ll give you some cologne.”

So: Rob Ford, who has smoked crack cocaine, might have been on another drug binge. Or he might have been feeling fastidious. Study the clip above and give your best interpretation in the discussion below.