The NYPD is seeking a man who allegedly “masturbated to completion” on an uptown A train Friday morning while covering his lap with a black baseball cap. Not covering it well enough, apparently, because the woman who reported him says she distinctly saw his penis. She also sent Gothamist this video of the man apparently pleasuring himself on a packed train:

“I got in the first car of the A train at Hoyt/Schermerhorn around 10 a.m., and saw a young man with his penis out of his pants, masturbating. He was using his hat to hide himself but from where I was standing I could clearly see what he was doing. He kept looking around. I moved a few steps away and took a photo, and then a video,” the witness told Gothamist.

“In the tunnel between High Street and Fulton, he ‘cleaned himself’ and then got off at Fulton Street.”

Subway masturbation is a very common and very well-documented phenomenon in NYC, and Gothamist points out that there’s legislation in the works to increase penalties for sex crimes on public transit.

At least the police seemed to care in this situation. Many times—even when there’s video—they just don’t.

[Photo: Gothamist]