The Washington Post got a copy of Hillary Clinton's contract for a recent speaking engagement at UCLA* through a creative FOIA request, and for a true boss lady, Clinton's backstage demands are surprisingly mundane.

  • $300,000
  • Long, flat pillows for back support.
  • A lavalier mic so she can give TED-like lectures.
  • "A case of still water, room temperature, to be deposited stage right."
  • "A carafe of warm/hot water, coffee cup and saucer, pitcher of room temperature water, water glass, and lemon wedges" both onstage and in the green room.
  • "Coffee, tea, room temp sparkling and still water, diet ginger ale, crudité, hummus and sliced fruit" in the green room.
  • A "computer, mouse and printer, as well as a scanner."

Booooo-ring. According to the Post, Clinton does at least take a refreshingly selfish approach to post-event photographs.

Clinton posed for individual photos with 100 VIPS, or 50 couples — "We get a total of 50 clicks," one university official explained — as well as two group photos. Lippert wrote to colleagues that Clinton's representatives wanted the group shots "prestaged," with participants assembled and ready to take the photographs before Clinton arrived "so the secretary isn't waiting for these folks to get their act together." Reiterating the request, Lippert added, "She doesn't like to stand around waiting for people."

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