Top Walmart spokesman David Tovar has reportedly resigned after the company found that he lied on his resume about receiving a college degree. Lying? Not Walmart spokesman David Tovar!

Lying? Not David Tovar, who previously worked as a PR flack for a big tobacco company!

Lying? Not David Tovar, who explained his departure from this job in an email like so: "We all know the first rule of journalism is 'don't bury the lead' so here goes: after eight amazing years, I've decided to leave Wal-Mart at the end of the month."

Lying? Not David Tovar, whose snide public "fact check" of a New York Times column critical of Walmart was itself full of misleading corporate spin.

Lying? Not David Tovar, who defended Walmart's poverty-level wages by pointing out that employees "also get a 10 percent discount card."

Lying? Not David Tovar, who for years has been the chief public defender of a company that has made its owners the richest family in the world by paying its workers so little that they are forced into welfare, busting any attempts at unionization, and generally treating its employees like disposable widgets?

Not Walmart spokesman David Tovar! Anyone but him!

We wish David Tovar well in his next cushy and well-paid job as a corporate... ah... truth-teller.

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