R.I.P. Walmart.horse, a very good, three-month-old website whose content consisted solely of an image of a horse standing in front of Walmart.

The creator of the site, webcomics artist Jeph Jacques, turned it over to America’s biggest, shittiest employer on Monday, after the company filed a cybersquatting complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Even though he could potentially have won the claim on fair use grounds, Jacques finally decided the dispute, which started in March, wasn’t worth the trouble.

“I didn’t feel like fighting them any more,” he told the Guardian.

Walmart seems to have sent the site directly to the internet glue factory, not even opting for a redirect to Walmart.com. An undignified ending for a horse with a bright future ahead of it.

Jacques posted this current photo of the Walmart Horse on his tumblr Tuesday:

Sorry, buddy. :(