Soon your little girl will be a full-grown adult, a worldly woman confronting some very difficult life decisions. Can she have it all? Is there a God? And what prefabricated sexy costume should she wear every Halloween?

Fortunately, Wal-Mart wants to help prepare her early for these challenges—well, actually, just the confounding pressure of naughty costumes. To wit: a Consumerist reader spotted a "naughty leopard" toddler costume in an unspecified Wal-Mart location and submitted the above photo. There aren't any "naughty" toddler costumes available on the retail giant's web site, though there is a "devil diva" suit for your miniature lady. After all, "diva" is just another word for shitty princess, right?

[h/t Feministing; image via Consumerist]