An Ohio mom lost her waitressing job after she used Facebook to blow off some steam about a busy night full of bad tippers, not realizing she was fake Internet friends with one of the cheapskates in question.

The customer, a "former schoolmate" of waitress Kristen Kelly, printed out the Facebook post and brought it to Kelly's manager at the Texas Roadhouse in Findlay, Ohio.

"They told me that I knew what I was doing when I posted that, and they would have to let me go," Kelly, 22, told Toledo's WTOL 11, "They were really upset.'

According to the waitress, she made the post after a Friday night shift where several customers left tips of 10 percent or less on large checks. "If you come into a restaurant and spend $50 or more, you should be able to tip appropriately for that," she says she wrote.

The Texas Roadhouse claims there was more to the post, and that Kelly was fired for calling the customer "a derogatory name" and for referring to the restaurant on social media, which is against company policy.

In other news, when you post something on Facebook, people can read it. This could be as much of a game-changer as the revelation that Twitter is public.

[H/T Daily Mail, Photo: Facebook, obviously.]