A former steakhouse waitress says she donated Rush Limbaugh's rather generous tip money to a group that helps women fund abortions they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Novelist and abortion-rights activist Merritt Tierce, who recently published a semi-autobiographical novel based on her time working in a high-end Dallas steakhouse, has dished a deliciously vengeful tidbit to the Dallas Morning News.

So the story goes, Tierce waited Limbaugh twice while she was working as a server, and both times, he left a sizable–$1,000– tip behind. But the cash felt "like blood money," she said, so she decided to do something that would no doubt make the conservative commentator's blood boil over: she donated most of it to the Texas Equal Abortion Fund, where she was moonlighting as executive director.

"It felt like laundering the money," she said. "In a good way." Bring on the cultural decay!

[Photo Credit: AP Images]