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Another classic episode of the best show on television, PBS' Sex in the Wild, aired last night. This one focused on kangaroos, whose engorged S-shaped penises look like earthworms. If I were a girl (or gay boy) kangaroo, I would take one look at one of those Cronenbergian appendages and say, "Crikey!"

The particular mating in the clip above involves several ejaculations, many hundreds of millions of sperm, and "unbelievably" a third (male) party who keeps attempting to get in on the action. What a drongo! Fun fact: "To ensure his sperm fertilizes her egg, Phoenix's semen forms into a plug. Shortly after he ejaculates, it coagulates into a rubbery mass that temporarily blocks up the base of Reba's reproductive tract." If there is anything sexier than a sentence featuring the words "ejaculates," "coagulates," "rubbery," and "mass," I've never heard it.

Next week: Gay dolphins. Not even kidding. Culturally, we are #blessed.