Good news, sporting enthusiasts: while "real" sports like football and baseball remain popular among the American public, there are indications that other, wacker sports seem to be falling out of favor.

Since you asked, the answer is yes, we do fancy ourselves as something of a "Cultural trendspotter" combined with many of the best qualities of a "top financial analyst." Our skills in these areas allow us to inform you, the reader, that our nation is getting a little bit better every day, as more and more people give up on America's Wackest Sports. The latest earnings report from Dick's Sporting Goods tells the tale. Via the Wall Street Journal:

Golf Galaxy, a specialty retailer that Dick's owns, saw sales at stores opened a year or more decrease 10% in the first quarter.

"In the case of hunting, we planned the business down based on last year's catalysts, but it was even weaker than expected," Mr. Stack said, though he added that the retailer's troubles during the quarter were limited to those two categories.

Other golf and hunting retailers also saw their stocks decline yesterday. It appears that while America's appetite for items related to basketball, and boxing, and billiards (not to mention skiing, skateboarding, and swimming) remains strong, its affinity for golf and hunting—the two most wack sports—is on the decline.

You're finally coming to your senses, America.

[Photo: AP]