Photo: AP

While most were discussing whether America was (as President Obama asserted) sick as hell or (as Donald Trump countered) a total shithole, Gawker obtained some truly disturbing information Wednesday night: Senator Tim Kaine, a man who aspires to be one heartbeat away from the presidency, allegedly carries not one, or even two, but four harmonicas on his person.

Atlantic writer Molly Ball, who first reported the shocking secret, attributed the claim to a former Kaine staffer. Coming from an ex-employee who may have a score to settle, Gawker was initially skeptical of the information, but shortly after midnight we uncovered this alarming footage:

On social media, harmonica experts argued that such behavior was not usual for an experienced player. Which may be true, but can America afford to elect a man who might bust out the ol’ mouth organ during a key meeting with foreign dignitaries? Can we?