Unfortunately for Léa Seydoux, the French actress who’s starring in the upcoming Bond movie Spectre, Vogue UK hired restaurant critic Giles Coren to interview her for the magazine’s November cover story. The piece itself is as yet unreleased, but Coren gave the world a behind-the-scenes look at his writing process in a tweet this morning:

Coren, who is married, has since deleted the tweet, but it remains preserved in a post on Yahoo! UK that correctly suggests that joking about using feminism to try to fuck a woman in a professional setting is, uhh, very sexist. And not funny! At least not in the way Coren hoped it would be, anyway.

For his part, Coren responded to the Yahoo! story with more bad tweets. At first, he wondered how reducing a professional woman to a sex toy is “reductive”:

Then he admitted that he hopes to fuck every woman he meets.

Finally, he claimed “satire.”

Coren, author of the 2012 guide How to Eat Out (about restaurants), has profiled at least one woman, the UK reality star Amy Childs, for Vogue before. He described her as “exotic and unattainable as a princess.”

He’s also no stranger to Twitter controversy, once appearing in the Daily Mail for tweeting the following: “Next door have bought their 12-year-old son a drum kit. For fuck’s sake! Do I kill him then burn it? Or do I fuck him, then kill him then burn it?”

I’m sure the Léa Seydoux story will be very good.

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