On Friday, Gawker reported that Vogue’s brand-new offices at 1 World Trade Center had a predicament as old as New York City itself: a rat infestation. It’s already gotten so bad that editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is wary of entering her personal office. Over the next three days, two other outlets reported even grosser details. You might want to sit down.

Radar, for example, said that the rats are actively shitting on staffers’ desks and other belongings:

According to insiders, the pesky rodents have invaded the infamous accessories closet and made their presence known by leaving droppings on desks, computers, and pricey couture! ... “The famed accessories closet, which was being put together with the designer wares from the old office, was taking shape when the rats got into it,” the source revealed. “There were droppings all over the floor, and some of the shoe boxes had been chewed into.”

People magazine, meanwhile, suggested that the magazine’s employees are literally surrounded by rat droppings:

“It’s true,” an insider confirms to PEOPLE. “The girls that work there see the droppings everywhere. It’s nasty.”

How did the rodents penetrate the fashion bible’s new office? Radar confirmed what we’ve heard from at least one other source: The rats let themselves in via 1WTC’s ventilation system:

“The rats appear to have gotten in via the venting, which was being worked on even as staffers were moving in,” the source explained. “Walls were being moved to accommodate last-minute design changes by Anna and Condé Nast, and it’s assumed this is how the rats got in.”

What we currently lack, however, are photos of the damage. So: are you a Vogue staffer affected by the current rat crisis? Send us an email. Anonymity guaranteed.

Photo credit: Vogue