Russian strongman/president Vladimir Putin went fishing last weekend and caught a pike as large as the Siberian tundra. Or at least, it was reported to be as large.

In the video clip above, Putin is appearing on another one of his outdoor adventures, this time fishing with a group of experienced fisherman. And who pulls down the biggest catch? Vlad, with a pike that he reportedly had to wrestle for three full minutes (while divers attached the poor fish to the hook, or something).

After Putin pulled up the fish, which was large, but not the biggest pike you've ever seen (we've all seen a lot of pike, right?), Putin's spokesman reported it as weighing 43 pounds. Ha! That pike's barely 25, if that.

Still, Putin grabs the pike and holds it up for the camera. Off-camera, an aide warns, “Vladimir Vladimirovich, be careful, she can bite.” Putin, ever the daredevil, responded, "I will bite her myself." Then he kissed the pike. Thank the Russian Orthodox heavens it was a female pike*.

Putin's taking a lot of heat on the Russian internet for this latest wildlife adventure, which follows other ridiculous antics such as him tranquilizing tigers and leading cranes South.

*Pike experts, I've been doing research and am unsure whether this is a male or female pike. Help me out in the comments below! We can cause great embarrassment for dear Russian leader.