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In cell phone video taken by a Virginia Beach teen from inside her car, a second teen in the backseat of the vehicle can be seen screaming in pain as a police officer uses pepper spray and fires his Taser twice.

The video was recorded from an alleged traffic stop outside of the home of Courtney Griffith this past January, when police, claiming to smell marijuana in Griffith's car, asked Brandon Wyne to exit the car from the backseat. When he refused to step out of the vehicle until his mother arrived, an officer used his pepper spray before threatening to fire his Taser. "I'm 17-years-old!" Wyne can be heard shouting repeatedly as the cop blasts his face with pepper spray. The officer then deploys his Taser on the teen twice.

After Wyne gets out of the car, an officer can be seen inspecting Griffith's car, and appears to end the video's recording. Griffith claims the officers tried to delete the video off her phone. "I asked him, 'Who deleted my video?' And they all started laughing," she told WVEC. She was apparently able to recover the video from her phone's "recently deleted" folder.

According to the Daily Press, the officer depicted in Griffith's video using the pepper spray and firing the Taser has since been placed on administrative leave after authorities were alerted to the video this week. An internal investigation is reportedly underway.

Wyne was charged by police with assault and battery, obstruction of justice, and possession of marijuana with intent to sell, and is apparently still in juvenile detention.