An extremely lucky couple from Portsmouth, Virginia won the lottery three times in just one month.

Calvin and Zatera Spencer nabbed their first big prize with a $1 million Powerball win on March 12th. But the money just kept falling into their lives (literally falling, because I just assume when you win the lottery those bills float down like snowflakes upon you no matter where you're standing when you win!) On March 26th the couple won $50,000 with 10 of Virginia Lottery's Pick 4 tickets.

But it was not long (seriously, it was the next day) until Calvin Spencer screamed "Baby, we won it again!" after getting a Virginia Lottery Scratcher ticket and winning the $1 million prize. They could either take the $1 million prize over 30 years or take $681,000 in cash before taxes, and the couple picked the latter.

Possible explanations for this catastrophic, jealousy-inducing event could be:

  • The couple used witchcraft or Satanic forces to win this lottery. After all, the $50,000 winning number was 6-6-6-6 which is the Devil's number plus one extra evil 6.
  • The Lottery is really easy to win multiple times in a month and most people are just bad at playing it.
  • This is a heartwarming publicity stunt used to trick people into playing the lottery more.
  • This a heartwarming occurrence about a couple who won it fair and square and oh my goodness, isn't life just so crazy sometimes?!

"We're not finished yet," said Calvin Spencer as he claimed his last prize. Seriously, what do they know that other people don't?