In a video posted this evening, the Christian vlogger Sam Rader—best known for “surprising” his wife with her own positive pregnancy test in a viral video—announced to his followers that he and his family will be taking a break from posting daily videos on YouTube in light of recent events.

On Friday, Sam admitted to using a paid account on the cheating website Ashley Madison while being married to his wife, Nia. (God has forgiven him for this sin, he says.) On Saturday, Sam was kicked out of the Vlogger Fair conference in Seattle after threatening another vlogger.

Sam appears to have filmed the video directly after he was ejected from the conference. His wife, Nia, trails 10 feet behind him as he apologizes to his followers for “making a stupid, rash decision” to get into an altercation at the event.

At one point, Nia almost gets away.

At the end of the video, Sam promises, “We’re going to take a break [from vlogging] for about a week, maybe five to seven days. Could be less, could be a little more. As of right now we just know we need a small break.”

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