Vincent Margera, the uncle of Jackass star Bam Margera, died on Sunday morning at 59.

Margera, known by the nickname “Don Vito,” has been struggling with kidney and liver failure for years, and slipped into a coma last month in Philadelphia, according to TMZ.

Margera often appeared as a side character on both Jackass and on his nephew’s show Viva La Bam. He was known for his incoherent, rambling speech, which earned him his nickname, after Vito Corleone in “The Godfather.”

More recently, Margera had run into problems with the law, earning a ten-year probation sentence after he was ound guilty of two counts of sexual assault on a child in 2007. He also was ordered not to appear as his “Don Vito” character from the shows, and had to renounce his public persona over the course of his probation.

Margera’s death follows that of another Jackass star in recent years — in 2011, Ryan Dunn was killed in a car accident at 34.

As it happens, the two of them produced and starred in a full-length project together called Dunn and Vito’s Rock Tour. Here’s a clip of the two ice fishing, which is a nice way to remember them.

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