The NYPD technically bans itself from using chokeholds on suspects, but in practice its officers have a demonstrated history of ignoring that rule. It became clear this past weekend when a Staten Island man named Eric Garner was killed after being choked by two officers, and now a new video has surfaced showing two more using the same maneuver.

In the new video, which was recorded on July 14 and circulated on Facebook, two uniformed NYPD officers struggle with a handcuffed man at the 125th & Lexington subway stop in Harlem at 3 p.m. The cops instruct the man to put his hands behind his back and submit to being arrested, but as he refuses, one officer punches him squarely in the face multiple times while engaging him in a textbook chokehold. Drops of blood can clearly be seen on the tiled floor as several bystanders record the incident on their phones and chastise police.

According to DNAinfo, the NYPD would not release the names of the victim or the arresting officers, though a spokesperson did say that the incident is being reviewed by internal affairs. Considering that the cop who killed Eric Garner was on patrol despite the city having settled two suits filed against him, I wouldn't expect much to come of it.

[via DNAinfo]