Video of a scary underwater assault went viral this week after cameras caught a male diver randomly yank out another diver's air supply more than fifty feet below the surface.

Rene Umberger, 53, told Hawaii News Now that she was filming around the coral reefs to document damage when she came across the two divers pictured in the video.

The men appeared to be collecting reef fish, which is legal for permitted divers who follow the state's regulations.

But things quickly took a criminal turn when one of the male divers noticed Umberger with her camera, swam over to her, and ripped out her breathing regulator.

"An inexperienced diver would likely panic. Either panic from the stress of the situation and shoot for the surface. They may panic because their air source is missing and they can't find it. Any of those things causes a diver to shoot for the surface and those incidents often lead to death," Umberger told Hawaii News Now. "Never in a million years. Never in a million years did I think that someone would attack like that, especially from such a distance. It's not like we were close up or in their face."

Umberger was able to replace the regulator, which was damaged in the assault, and managed to slowly surface back to safety.

Umberger told reporters she thinks she knows who the assailant was and intends to press charges. The State Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement are apparently investigating.