A Spanish resort town's sex-for-drinks game, "mamading," is out in the open now after a video of a British girl performing oral sex on 24 men in a bar went viral. Allegedly, the girl was promised one drink for the stunt.

In the video (NSFW, obviously), you can see the girl rush from guy to guy to complete the task while the bar's DJ eggs her on. This happened in Magaluf, a resort town popular with British, Irish, and Scandinavian tourists. Mayor Manuel Onieva has said he "completely rejects" the activities shown in the video and warned bars that "mamading" is breaking the law. ("Mamada" means oral sex in Spanish.)

Onieva has promised a police investigation into the incident. According to comments posted on the original video, mamading is not uncommon in Magaluf bars. One user posted, 'The area continues to invent ways to attract more and more young and this year has introduced a new trend in the local bars."

[h/t BuzzFeed]