In one short month, Vice Media’s new cable network “Viceland” will launch. It has a business model that could revolutionize television advertising.

That business model, as best I can understand: “Sell ads for really expensive prices even though you don’t have any viewers.” Ad Age has the scoop on this plan that all media outlets, quite frankly, should have thought of:

Viceland is being priced at a premium, according to buyers and people familiar with the network. The cost to reach a thousand viewers, or CPMs, is more expensive than some fully distributed, top 10 cable networks, according to the buyer...

And Vice is setting low guarantees, with buyers saying the sales team is estimating a 0.1 rating.

Advertisers on Viceland will be able to pay ESPN prices for Azteca Network ratings. Truly a bold new way of looking at supply and demand. The alleged rationale here is that Vice will “bring in younger viewers who are not currently watching TV.” Okay?

We sincerely hope that this new scam succeeds because we would love to copy it!

[Are you a media buyer dealing with Viceland? Email me. Anonymity guaranteed.]