Photo: Youtube

Viceland’s live broadcast from the Governors Ball music festival this Saturday night was a sloppy, sexist (I mean, “edgy”) mess, and the only person who seemed to notice was one very pissed-off host.

Amidst rain delays and soaked TV equipment, three Viceland employees were brought in front of the cameras to waste time until The Killers performed. The hosts—production assistant Jake Lawson, equipment manager Dan Meyer, and former intern Taji Ameen—were reporting on the giant puddles of water pooling at their feet when shit got real.

Lawson—inhabiting the role of a safety inspector, crossed with a men’s rights activist, topped off with a skinny tie—attempted a flaccid comedy bit with co-host Ameen. The duo gave viewers a “sex-ed class” with Lawson’s mic serving as makeshift banana-and-or-dildo.

This juvenile display upset Meyer, who delivered the following exquisite diatribe amidst shouts of “you gotta pinch the tip” and “we’re gonna bring it on down.”

Whose idea is this? It isn’t funny…there’s enough dicks on TV already…I hate this, I’m just gonna say full-on that this is stupid…I can say what I think, I know how to do this…You know, we’ve been struggling with the fact that we’re considered a sexist company because we only have men on TV and now we’re doing dick jokes? This is embarrassing. I don’t think we should even be doing this at all. And if our viewers are too stupid to…you want sincere, honest advice about safety? Why don’t you talk about the fact that we’re standing in water surrounded by electronics.

Meyer had a lot of great lines that night, in fact. He kicked off the segment saying, “I just want to thank Viceland for having the faith in me not to say something that would completely bankrupt their entire enterprise. Which I very well could do.”

Meyer later apologized to Lawson on TV.