We were all excited for the season finale of HBO's VICE on Friday, since we were promised it contained a rare exclusive interview with North Korea's reclusive Boy King, Kim Jong Un. At least that's what VICE's Shane Smith told Charlie Rose last month.

The clip is above, via Daily Caller contributor Charles Johnson. Here's the relevant transcript:

CHARLIE ROSE: How close did you come to getting an interview with him?

SHANE SMITH: Well we have the interview.

CHARLIE ROSE: You have the interview.



SHANE SMITH: We show him in the documentary.

CHARLIE ROSE: So I haven't seen the documentary.


CHARLIE ROSE: It was just edited today.

SHANE SMITH: I just finished it today and I'd love for you to come see it.

CHARLIE ROSE: Oh man I'd love to.... I mean, I knew Dennis talked to him and sat with him and all that.


CHARLIE ROSE: You know, and had this — whatever kind of relationship, but I didn't realize you guys had an interview of some substance.

SHANE SMITH: Yes we, we talked to him.

"Yes, we talked to him." Anyway, as you may have surmised, there was no "interview of some substance" with Kim Jong Un in the VICE season finale. Kim Jong Un does not speak in the VICE season finale. There is a segment in the VICE season finale in which, after being stripped of their cameras and recording equipment, correspondent Ryan Duffy and his crew are invited to a dinner party that Kim Jong Un attended. What did Kim Jung Un say when VICE "talked to him" at that dinner party? Apparently nothing of note, since correspondent Ryan Duffy didn't relay any comments from him.

I can only conclude that VICE is saving this world-historical interview for its second season.