Vice Media is the tech bubble. Vice Media is not as cool as you think. Vice Media is about to get very, very rich. But what is Vice, above all? Vice is Williamsburg.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Vice Media is moving its headquarters from the North side of Williamsburg to a much larger space on the South side of Williamsburg—one big enough to hold more than 900(!) employees. Vice told the paper that three-quarters(!) of its employees live right there in Williamsburg(!).

"Brooklyn is our home and we're already hard at work developing a freaky, space-age utopia that will give today's creative visionaries a place to produce astonishing stories and leave their indelible thumbprint on the annals of history," a spokesman said.

The freaky, space-age utopia of Williamsburg, Brooklyn: giant luxury robocondos teeming with 27 year-old online media specialists. That's the type of edgy vibe that makes a $9,230 per month 2 BR apartment a hot deal.

[Photo: Flickr]