In Tuesday night’s mayoral debate, Republican candidate Joe Lhota resorted to loud voices, eye rolls, and Rudy Giuliani-worship to prove that he deserves to be mayor of New York City. On the other side of the stage, Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio called out Lhota’s campaign for “race-baiting,” then stepped back watched Lhota self-destruct.

Lhota, after justifying why he called Mayor Bloomberg an idiot (“I call it the way I see it”), then made the claim that he’s done “nothing but work with people and bring them together.” To counter this, de Blasio asked about Lhota’s recent smear campaign that highlights New York City's history of racial unrest. Lhota defended the ad’s racial undertones and, like any good Republican, used the phrase “race card” a few times.

And then Lhota finally lost his mind because de Blasio had the nerve to “impugn” St. Giuliani. When de Blasio pointed out that Giuliani had actually divided the people of New York City, Lhota, shocked by this accusation, screeched, “What color is the sky in your planet?” Then he mumbled the word “impugn” one final time before giving up.

But not before someone on his campaign got in this killer jab on Twitter:

You can watch Lhota's sad sad agonal respiration here:

[There was a video here]

[Screenshot via CBS New York]