On Wednesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro promised to fulfill the housing request of a woman who beaned him with a yellow mango, The Guardian reports. The woman had written her phone number on the fruit, which she then threw into Maduro’s passing bus, striking him on the head.

“It says: ‘If you can, call me,’” Maduro said while holding up the mango during a live television broadcast. “Marleny Olivo had a problem with her house. [Officials] called her. She was scared. She couldn’t believe it was true… I’ve approved an apartment for you, Marleny, as part of the Grand Venezuelan Housing Mission.”

CNN reports that Olivo’s unusual choice of stationery* was necessitated by circumstance.

“I didn’t have paper available at that moment,” she told El Pitazo TV. “What I had was a mango that I was about to eat because I was hungry.”

According to The Guardian, President Maduro has promised to eat the mango.