A vegan PETA employee says the Tennessee Department of Motor vehicles denied her vanity license plate request "due to vulgarity." Its message? "I love tofu"—"I love to F. U," if you're nasty.

Whitney Calk, who works in marketing at PETA's Murfreesboro office, told the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal she just wanted to "spread a pro-vegan message" with her "ILVTOFU" plate. Give Calk credit for being great at her marketing job: The spread of the DNJ story has made the war on tofu license plates a Thing this week, even though her plate was actually denied back in 2011.

As Gawker reported back then, Florida, Virginia, and Colorado, have also denied similar vanity plates.

Calk told the DNJ that people on social media have suggested alternatives to ILVTOFU, including "TOFULVR," but never applied for another custom plate because she didn't want to "compromise what was written."

[H/T Opposing Views, Photo: Facebook]