Duncan Hunter, the vaping congressman whose campaign expenditures have, if you will, cast a cloud over his candidacy, has a new host of credit card charges to defend. Among them: suspicious charges at a jewelry, lunch at DisneyWorld, and regular visits to Jack In The Box.

That Hunter used his campaign money inappropriately seems clear: He’s already admitted to “mistakenly” using it to pay for thousands of dollars worth of video games, his kids’ high school tuition, and some sort of oral or face surgery. So far, he’s reimbursed the campaign at least $12,000—and according to the Union Tribune, there are more suspicious charges he hasn’t accounted for.

In addition to the video games, tuition, oral or facial surgery and surf shop fees, Hunter also used his campaign funds, according to the Union-Tribune, for 106 trips to the gas station, totaling $5,660; 16 visits to the fast food chain Jack In the Box, for $297; 40 stops at various supermarkets like Trader Joe’s, for $6,819; $229 at the Tomorrowland gift shop at Disneyland; $1,569 in gas, electric and water bills for his home (an illegal expense even though Hunter runs his campaign from his home); and a $216 “food/beverages” charge at a jewelry store in Italy that sells no ingestible goods.

In his defense, you don’t choose the vape life—the vape life chooses you.