Big vape news for big vape-men: The U.S. Department of Transportation has banned airline passengers from packing e-cigarettes and other battery-powered vaping implements—I don’t know? E-blunts?—in their checked baggage.

The new rule will take effect within the next two weeks, at which point you’ll have to keep your vape in your carry-on, and you still won’t be allowed to charge it on the plane.

Does the stuffy old Department of Transportation have it for future-men and their glimmering smokable robots? Nay. There is a sensible reason for this new rule, which is that e-cigs were literally exploding inside airplanes—26 of them since 2009—when people left them on or the battery short-circuited.

Since 9/11, eCigs have caused more explosions inside U.S. commercial planes than actual terrorism.

Smoking is dead. Vaping is the future.

[h/t Consumerist, Photo: AP Images]