A fifth Vanderbilt football player has been indicted for allegedly advising one of his co-defendants on how to cover up raping an unconscious student.

According to police, four football players — Brandon Vandenburg, Brandon Banks, JaBorian McKenzie, and Cory Batey — raped an unconscious woman in Vanderburg's dorm room on June 23. 21-year-old Chris Boyd was indicted on Friday and turned himself in yesterday morning.

The Tennessean reported that police were alerted after university officials checked a hallway security camera in an unrelated incident and saw the four players engaging in "suspicious behavior." Although the details are still unclear, the Daily Beast reported that the players had been drinking at a bar called the Tin Roof and ended up in Vandenburg's dorm room with the alleged victim, a 21-year-old woman who was friends with one of the players.

On July 18, campus officials banned Vanderbilt athletes from the Tin Roof.

According to CBS, Vandenburg — a "star recruit" — is still jailed on $350,000 bond, while the other four players have bonded out. All of the players, including Boyd, have been dismissed from the team.

[CBS, image via AP, CBS]