Anish Kapoor’s recent installation at the Palace of Versailles, “Dirty Corner,” a sculpture intended to represent the “the vagina of a queen who is taking power,” was vandalized early Wednesday morning by unnamed perpetrators, The Guardian reports.

After initially alluding to “Dirty Corner” as a representative of the vagina, Kapoor had to step back and say that viewers (namely prudish French people) can interpret it however they like. Now, only weeks after being installed in the gardens at Versailles, the funnel-like artwork has been splattered with yellow and white paint. Via The Guardian:

In a statement, local officials from the ruling Socialist party expressed their “indignation” over the vandalism, which they branded an attack against freedom of expression. It was “unacceptable that art, the compass of freedom, suffer because of the obscurantism of some people”, they said.

Kapoor spoke with Le Figaro on Thursday, saying of the incident, “If this act of vandalism means anything, it speaks more to a certain intolerance in France than to art itself. The problem seems more political than anything else.”

The work is currently being douched, as the French say.

Looks cool as hell, if you ask me.

Images via AP.