Oh, damn. Who's that baby?

Fresh off his visit to Oceania, Prince George, King of Darkness, Baby of the World, Soup of the Day, has achieved a diplomat's greatest honor: a feature story about his springtime antics in the May 5 issue of Us Weekly. As Page Six noticed, the original Reuters photo used for the Us cover has been altered slightly, to transform George from a normal, whatever baby into a baby with stunning green eyes whose "joyful world" people might actually want to read about.

In response to Page Six's claim (which also includes an accusation of artificially enhanced rosy cheeks), a spokesperson for the magazine told the publication:

"The original image used for the Prince George cover was dark and bluish in tone and needed to be given an overall color shift for printing purposes. By no means did we go in and alter the color of his eyes or cheeks in this process."

We have provided a .gif to illustrate George's transformation into a Victorian Valentine.

[Images via Reuters/Us Weekly]