At a party in June at the University of Central Florida, a woman secretly recorded Sigma Nu brothers chanting “rape, rape,” “let’s rape some bitches,” and “let’s rape some sluts.” Upon receiving the video in July, UCF suspended the frat, but a university panel ruled yesterday that the bros didn’t do anything wrong.

According to the panel, Sigma Nu did not “condone sexual misconduct” by chanting “rape.”

WFTV reports that the panel believed the chanting was the work of one brother, whom the other brothers tried to quiet. That’s certainly one way to hear the audio:

The woman who recorded the video, on the other hand, said that multiple brothers were chanting, including one who has actually been accused of rape. The victim in that case, who says she woke up naked in the Sigma Nu frat house last October in pain, reported this alleged assault to UCF police in February. Police then forwarded the case to the State Attorney’s office in April, where it appears to be stalled. The State Attorney’s office refused to comment on the status of the case this week.

Meanwhile, the university panel’s decision about that harmless chanting has been sent to UCF’s director of Student Rights and Responsibilities for approval. A university rep told WFTV, “The appalling behavior seen in this video is not how responsible men act. While offensive speech may be allowable, it is inappropriate in every sense. That’s why we’re working with the national fraternity office to help change the culture that led to this behavior.”

Sounds promising!

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