A popular Twitter account dedicated to posting photos of deep-cleavaged women wearing University of Kansas attire has received a cease and desist letter from KU's lawyers ordering it to cease all usage of the university's trademark by tomorrow.

Among other things, KU Boobs was asked to stop using the letters "KU" in its name as it might lead the public to "erroneously believe that your business, its advertising and promotional activities and/or products have been licensed, endorsed, sponsored or authorized by the University."

KU Boobs, in turn, informed its followers that it had been ordered to cease and desist by June 12th, and launched the #SaveKUBoobs hashtag campaign in an effort to save itself.

"If you have ever wanted to submit a #kuboobs pic and never have, this is your last chance! #SaveKUboobs," the account tweeted last night.

The submissions came pouring in, and, within hours, the university began to walk back its threat.

According to KU Athletics' Associate Director of Public Affairs Jim Marchiony, the issue at the heart of the cease and desist letter was the "I (heart) KU Boobs" wristband being sold through KU Boobs' website.

Though the owners of KU Boobs say a dollar from the sale of each $5 wristband was being donated to breast cancer research and the rest was spent on manufacturing and shipping, Marchiony insisted that was besides the point.

"A Twitter account is one thing. But they're selling merchandise with KU on it," he tweeted. "We've asked them to stop selling that merchandise, not to shut down the Twitter account."

It remains unclear if KU Boobs will need to change its Twitter handle in order to keep tweeting photos of KU boobs, but for now, the "boobment" rock chalks on.

[screengrabs via @KUboobs]