HBO's Girls, a show in which the children of famous people play the children of non-famous people, ended its season this week with the lead character being accepted into the University of Iowa's Writer's Workshop. The University of Iowa has responded with: Do not come here.

That was the real life response of the school when HBO asked to come film the show on campus. The Iowa Press-Citizen reports that a University spokesman confirmed that the school denied HBO's request to shoot there, "due to potential disruption to campus."

Major shout out and mega props go to the University of Iowa right now. Respect due.

All the fame whores that infest the state of Iowa like locusts are complaining about the school's decision, naturally, but what else would you expect from a shallow den of paparazzi like Iowa City? The school has to look at the big picture. According to one IWW alum, "There's a real pipeline between Williamsburg and Iowa."

Enough said. Stand strong University of Iowa, YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT.

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