Last we checked, Ron Paul had filed a lawsuit with the World Intellectual Property Organization (an agency of the UN, which he HATES) in an attempt to expropriate both and from his supporters. So how'd that all turn out for Paul? Not so well.

Both of the domain name disputes were dismissed because Paul still took his supporters to court, even though they offered to give him the sites for free (they only requested compensation for their very sizable mailing lists).

Not only did Paul lose both domain name disputes, but he was also found guilty of "reverse domain name hijacking," which is essentially being found guilty of wasting the court's time.

The court wrote:

Respondent has requested, based on the evidence presented, that the Panel make a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. In view of the unique facts of this case, in which the evidence demonstrates that Respondent offered to give the Domain Name to Complainant for no charge, with no strings attached, the Panel is inclined to agree. Instead of accepting the Domain Name, Complainant brought this proceeding. A finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking seems to this Panel to be appropriate in the circumstances.

Lesson: Don't ask the United Nations for help after you've spent a lifetime bad-mouthing them, and also don't waste their time with your frivolous lawsuits. In addition, don't alienate your supporters by appealing to an international governmental organization (which they HATE) in an attempt to screw them.

"Reverse domain name hijacking" carries no penalty, but it just sounds painful.