Photo: Flickr/Harvey Barrison

In the great and historic tradition of my forebears, I’d like to wrap up my illustrious career as the weekend warrior for Gawker dot com with a ranking. The subject of this list is that widely unappreciated group of odd- and even-toed mammals, those noble ruminants of the grasslands, that clade of hoofed wonders: the four-legged ungulates.*

13. Dama gazelles

12. Zebra

11. Woolly pig

10. Hippo eating watermelon

9. The horse that rides in a car

8. Gerenuk

7. Camel

6. Donkey with dreads

5. Screaming deer

4. Pudú

3. The sheep that got lost in a cave for seven years

2. Fighting giraffes

1. Saiga antelope

*Note: This post does not include cetaceans, because I didn’t want to.

Thank you kindly for reading!