A London woman who has been unemployed for the last two years says it's not for lack of trying, but rather for excess — of good looks.

Laura Fernee, who has a PhD in an unspecified field of science, says she had been working at a medical research lab earning £30,000 (~$45,000) a year from 2008 until 2011, when comments from coworkers about her attractive physical appearance became too much and she quit.

"I’m not lazy and I’m no bimbo," Fernee told The Daily Mail. "The truth is my good looks have caused massive problems for me when it comes to employment, so I’ve made the decision that employment just isn’t for me at the moment. It’s not my fault...I can’t help the way I look."

Appearing on ITV's This Morning, Fernee elaborated on her condition, saying the constant attention and "romantic gifts" left her "traumatized."

"In the end, as much as I loved my work, going in to work became very, very difficult because of the psychological impact on me," she said.

Luckily, Fernee had her rich parents to fall back on.

The Daily Mirror reports that wealthy retirees Catherine, 65, and Alan, 70, have been happily covering their daughter's expenses, which include £2,000 (~$3000) for rent and utilities and another £1,500 (~$2280) on clothes.

"I know people will judge me for choosing not to work but they are underestimating just what a curse good looks can be in the workplace," Fernee insists. "Everyone thinks it must be great to be attractive but there are serious downsides."

[H/T: Guyism, screengrabs via ITV]